Thursday, August 20, 2009

The emotion you are feeling is “Frustration”

Are you frustrated with our current health care system? Does health care reform address your frustration?

Let's get real! Here is a run down on what people are frustrated about, and what the facts are about proposed reform!

  • Frustration: I can lose my insurance if I am out of work or my company cannot afford the benefit.
  • Frustration: I may not be covered due to a pre-existing condition, even though I have insurance. They can decide not to pay after I get sick!
  • Reform includes health coverage for all US citizens regardless of age, employment, wealth or pre-existing conditions.
  • Frustration: I can't find a primary care doctor to be my partner to focus on prevention, health and coordination.
  • Reform includes support for primary care, in order to train more specialists in this area to meet this need.
  • Frustration: I do not have a choice of who I see with my current insurance.
  • Reform includes assurance that you will have a choice of plans, providers and hospital, both public or private plan.
  • Frustration: The system is so complicated, I do not understand my insurance, and there is so much paper work.
  • Reform includes simplified regulations and uniform rules for you and your doctor, so that it is user friendly and understandable.
  • Frustration: Costs keep going up too fast! I struggle to meet my share of the bills.
  • Reform includes a change in the rules of the game, in order to help you get the best care the first time with the best quality results. This can lead to better care and lower costs for all of us.
  • Frustration: We are losing jobs because of the high cost of American products due to expensive insurance, and this makes me worry I may lose my job.
  • Reform will take away the extra costs that insurers must pay for those who are not covered. America will become more competitive.
All of us will benefit from reform. Even those of us who have good coverage right now. We need to get real. We need to do this.

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I wonder what might be the most effective thing(s) one could do to help bring about these needed changes...